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Hi there! Trying to find several Slippers item? You might be inside correct post. At this point you might be viewing Dinosaur blue 5-6Y article. Many products of which published with this blog are simply just nice an individual, among them this approach Dinosaur blue 5-6Y. Thus, I suggest you to be able to look into the facts from this Dinosaur blue 5-6Y item. Your Dinosaur blue 5-6Y to get 1 item from Carozoo product.

The Dinosaur blue 5-6Y Description

    New soft sole leather baby shoes. Condition: Brand new, never worn, washable.

  • 0-6 months. Sole length: 11.5cm (4.5 inches), foot length up to 10.8cm (4.25 inches).
  • 6-12 months. Sole length: 13cm (5.1 inches), foot length up to 12.3cm (4.8 inches).
  • 12-18 months. Sole length: 14cm (5.5inches), foot length up to 13.3cm (5.25 inches).
  • 18-24 months. Sole length: 15cm (5.9 inches), foot length up to 14.3cm (5.65 inches).
  • 2-3 years old. Sole length: 16cm (6.25 inches), foot length up to 15.3cm (6 inches).
  • 3-4 years old. Sole length: 17cm (6.75 inches), foot length up to 16.5cm (6.5 inches).
  • 4-5 years old. Sole length: 18.4cm (7.25 inches), foot length up to 17.7cm (7 inches).
  • 5-6 years old. Sole length: 19.5cm (7.75 inches), foot length up to 18.8cm (7.5 inches).
  • 6-7 years old. Sole length: 20.5cm (8 inches), foot length up to 19.8cm (7.75 inches).
  • 7-8 years old. Sole length: 21.5cm (8.5 inches), foot length up to 20.8cm (8.25 inches).

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